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Solution Description

Maritime Gearbox HCD400A possesses capabilities of speed reduction, in advance and astern clutching and bearing propeller thrust. It is developed of vertically offset and 1-stage transmission, featuring in modest in quantity, massive in ratio, light in weight and substantial in loading capacity.

Major info

Enter velocity 1000-1800r/min
Reduction ratio 3.ninety six,4.33,4.43,4.476,4.70,5.00 Trans. capability .331kw/r/min
five.fifty three .293 kw/r/min
5.70,5.89 .272kw/r/min
Management way Push-and-pull versatile shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 82KN
Heart length 355mm
L×W×H 641×950×988mm
Web excess weight 1100kg
Flywheel SAE18,sixteen,14
Bell housing SAE0,1


Marine Gearbox HCD400A is ideal for fishing, tug and different engineering and transportation boats.


Gear reducers are also known as reducers. Mechanical accessories, by either of these two names, are created to lessen the energy transferred in between the motor and the equipment amongst the rotational speeds (revolutions for every moment). The reducer successfully lowers the rotational velocity made by the motor, thus controlling the pace at which the device operates and increasing the torque developed by the motor. Multiplying the torque developed by the motor raises the machine’s accessible power – a process identified as “mechanical dominance”. In a larger context, equipment reducers are fundamentally resources employed to improve the efficiency of products procedure.
The term “gearbox” is used to refer to any gadget that connects a motor to a device and is composed of a collection of gears, also acknowledged as a equipment set. It receives the major enter pace from the motor and changes it to a various output velocity using its gears. Distinct varieties and mixtures of gears provide specific functions. The sorts of gears discovered in gearboxes consist of spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The overall performance effectiveness of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the speed of the input source to the pace of the output supply

China manufacturer Brand New CZPT Marine Gearbox Hcd400A     near me shop