Energy Saving Wood Pellet Mill Grass Pellet Machine

Energy Saving Wood Pellet Mill Grass Pellet Machine

          Vehicle CZPT Biomass Pellet CZPT Wooden Pellet Mill

                                 Vertical Ring Die Wooden Pellet Mill:

INTRODUCTION of Ring Die Wooden Pellet CZPT:
This sort of vertical ring die 1000kg/h wooden pellet mill is widely utilized in the biomass-power fuels plant, electricity plant, wood processing plant, fertilizer plant, chemical plant and so forth. It is the ideal urgent shaping pelletizing products with lower expenditure and substantial income. 

SPECIFICATION of Vertical Ring Die Wood Pelletizer:

Design Inner Dia of
Ring die
450 MX 450mm fifty five kw .8-1 t/h 1.four*.75*1.55 2800
550 MX 550mm ninety kw one.5-2 t/h 1.nine*.ninety five*1.eight 4500
800 MX 800mm 132 kw 2-3 t/h two.five*one.35*2.1 7000
a thousand MX 1000mm one hundred sixty kw three-4 t/h 2.65*one.45* 8500


  1. Gearbox: Driving with high-precision gears, CZPT CZPT pump system hold the gearbox doing work steadiness and guarantee period
  2. Vertical motor: the most attribute is mounting hole with output shaft as the centre, Equidistant distribution close to, A lot more potent and security of device operating
  3. Blower technique: Situated in one particular side of work bin, Totally free management the doing work time, The principal purpose is dedusting and discharge steam
  4. Functioning elements: Ring-die and rollers materials are alloy metal, Heat remedy produced by ourselves, Hardness far more than 52,In this hardness can assure the pelleting quality and warranty time, Working fashion is from inside of to outdoors press, Centrifugal drive and extrusion stress together, Made far more potential, meanwhile assure hardness and density, The unique design and style is 4 rollers doing work, Boost press charge then boost capability, Ring-die is “vertical double-deck” structure, It can use a single mould with exact same gap measurement for operating daily life enhanced, Furthermore it can use one particular mould with distinct hole dimension for conserving the money for one more dimension mould.

                           Wood Pellet Producing CZPT with buffer bin, screw conveyor

Application of Biomass Pellet CZPT:

1.  Widely utilised in households, farming and industries.
2.  Mainly ideal for generating feed pellets, fuel pellets, fertilizer pellets,etc.
3.  Applied to diverse grains these kinds of as corn, wheat, sorghum, and any sort of agro-forestry squander: crops straw, husks, vines, wooden chips, and so forth. (CZPT-conserving & CZPT-defending)
4.  As for the power, you can decide on diesel motor driven or electric motor driven. And we have many types with different output they can meet different necessary potential.
five.  Size selection of making wood pellets: Φ6, Φ8, Φ10, Φ12mm

                                               Ring Die Pellet Mill with CZPT Coneyor


                                          Flat Die Wooden Pellet Mill:


Introduction of flat die wood pellet mill:

It truly is a new generation of energy-preserving pelletizing equipment,which is mainly utilised to compress wood sawdsut, wood squander, crushed corn stalk, wheat straw, bamboo powder, grass, rice husk and wood chips and so forth. into cylindrical and sq. shape pellets particles.

Biomass Wood Pellet Mill adopt bipolar pace altering, low use, affordable composition, economic and durable.

The main electrical control method of wooden pellet mill device employs the worldwide CZPT-delta starter, running, extremely steady. 

CZPT Parameters of Flat Die Pellet Mill:

Design Capacity Motor Pellet Dimension Dimension(m) Weight (kg)
KAF-200 a hundred-a hundred and fifty kg/h 7.5 kw 6,8,10mm one* .45* .eight 320
KAF-250 one hundred fifty-200 kg/h 15 kw 1.two* .six* one.three 350
KAF-300 200-300 kg/h 22 kw 1.3* .six* one.3 560
KAF-350 350-450 kg/h thirty kw one.4* .eight* one.two 880
KAF-450 four hundred-600 kg/h forty five kw one.eight* one* 1.sixty five 1300

Attributes of flat die wood pellet mill:

one.  The flat die wooden pellet mill are easier to be cleaned than ring die pellet mill.
2.  Easy to change die and roller faster and easily.
three.  Small dimension and lightweight, creating small-scale production achievable.
four.  It is achievable to check out into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve any problem in time.

CE Certificated CZPT Wood Pellet Manufacturing Line:

Energy Saving Wood Pellet Mill Grass Pellet Machine