F Series Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

F Series Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

Enter Velocity Significantly less than 1500r&solmin
Ratio 3&period77~281&period71
Output Torque 3&period5-18000N&periodm
 Rated Power &period12-200KW

Gearing Arrangement&colonHelical        Output Torque&colon3&period5-18000N&periodm      Rated Power&colon0&period12-200KW

Input Velocity&colonLess than 1500r&solmin   Output Speed&colon0&period04-373r&solmin        Place of Origin&colonZHangZhoug&comma China &lparMainland&rpar

Model Quantity&colonF Seriese            Brand Title&colonEED                 Warranty&colon12 Months

Certification&colonISO9001                Installation Product&colonHorizontal or Vertical    Color&colonCustomer Ask for

Ratio&colon3&period5~31400                    Material&colonHigh CZPT Cast Iron       

Heat therapy&colonQuenching&commaCarburising&commaGear Grinding                        Gear materials&colon20CrMnTi Alloy Metal

Efficiency&colon92&percnt~96&percnt &lparDepends
F parallel shaft helical gearbox and F parallel shaft helical equipment motors

Dimension&colon F27 F37 F47 FR57 F67 F77 F87 F97 F107 F127 F157

one&period of time F collection parallel shaft helical box is primarily based on the layout of parallel shaft tructure&comma which have a middle distance amongst input and output shaft they are parallel

two&period of time Compact development&comma constant managing&comma high transmission performance&comma strong carrying ability&time period

3&interval The substance of gears is 20CrMnTi alloy steel and the hardness can get to to HRC58&semi ~ 62&semi Soon after tempering&comma cementiting&comma quenching and many others&period of time Heat treatment&time period All the gears are processed by accurate grinding and the precision can achieve to grade six~5&period

4&time period Installation&colon Foot-mounted&comma flange&comma torque arm and so on&semi Output variety&colon Reliable shaft&comma hollow shaft and can select to add one particular-key&comma spline&comma or shrink disc relationship&period Input Product&colon Directly linked with motor&comma flange input or shaft input&period of time


F Series Parallel Shaft Gearmotor