Hot Sale Gantry Structure Good Plasma Cheap Cuttig Machine

Hot Sale Gantry Structure Good Plasma Cheap Cuttig Machine

CNC Gantry plasma slicing machine 

Gantry cnc flame/plasma chopping is a computerized gear for very hot slicing of metal plate . It is utilized for cutting large, medium and modest sheets of numerous meatl materials such as carbon steel, manganese metal and stainless metal. 

The slicing device used grantry composition and adopts double driving and liner guide. Plasma torch traits to produce in accordance to the user’s needs. CNC plasma slicing device can use in one-sixty mm metal plate

Gantry framework
Primary beam is welded into gentle box construction with specific rectangular tube with good rigidity, large precision, mild weight, little inertia and other characteristics, all the rectangular tubes utilized have been aged ahead of welding. On the premise of making certain energy, The rectangular tube is adopted with intermittent welding manner to control welding tension at the bare minimum amount. 

Longitudinal endframe is welded with several steel plates. The longitudinal travel system of the machine is mounted in the heart of the equipment, which assures the easy operation of the machine. The operating platform is also mounted on the mainframe to aid the operation of the products.

All the structural parts of the longitudinal endframe will be dealt with with floor shot blasting and vibration pressure relief right after the completion of splicing. In this way, the surface high quality of the structural elements is very good and the welding anxiety is removed.

Cutting machine gantry is a essential component to ensure the precision and steadiness of this equipment. It is particularly crucial to handle the processing of the beam and endframe.

Transverse driving device:

The operating precision and positioning precision of transverse drive are the exact same as that of the longitudinal travel. The transverse generate information is straight guidebook, which is the very same as the longitudinal manage mode, namely the substantial precision gear and rack driving, with high-precision precision planetary gear box and ac servo technique. Beneath the management of the CNC system, combined with optical encoder to manage the pace and place detection, it is easy to management the operating precision of this device.

Adjustable Speed Driving Amplifier is utilized to the speed management, which ensures the great transmission traits within the entire pace variety, as effectively as the placement accuracy in the entire pace variety.

The two ends of the beam are equally outfitted with steel wire transmission units. The primary and CZPTary shifting bodies get by means of the metal belt transmission unit are clamped in both entrance and back again to recognize the easy motion of the identical section and the anti-stage in between the cutting torch. The two finishes of the beam are equipped with transverse limit change and device transverse reference position.


Chopping sample

Standard configuration:

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one gantry stucture determined by  cutting width
two rails: 24KG or 38KG optional 
three Longitudinal: CZPT motor, CZPT drive and Shimbo  reducer, 1 set for one travel,two sets for double travel.
4 transverse: CZPT motor, CZPT drive and Shimbo  reducer 1 set 
5 CNC system:Optional .normally ZheJiang Fangling,F2500B.
6 CNC program box
7 FASTCAM specialist vertion
eight electric cupboard
nine Plasma chopping energy supply LG-100-LG-four accordance to your chopping content and thickness.
10 plasma chopping torch.
eleven grounding cable for plasma chopping.
12 THC (torch top controller) for plasma cutting.
13 anti-collision unit for plasma cutting.
fourteen lifting physique,chopping torch for flame reducing.
fifteen Flame chopping pipeline
sixteen Capacitor peak regulator and computerized ignition system for flame cutting 
17 Straight chopping backboard and  torch for flame cutting 
eighteen Tracheal placement  for flame cutting 
19 packing


Hot Sale Gantry Structure Good Plasma Cheap Cuttig Machine