Isuzu Classic Model 4X4 4j Diesel Pickup

Isuzu Classic Model 4X4 4j Diesel Pickup

CZPT Knowledge

Driving Variety 4X4 4X2 4X4 4X2 4X2 4X4 4X4 4X4 4X4 4X4
weight gross weight kg 2655 2455 2615 2305 2490 2600 2465 2465 2490 2410
Rated high quality kg 800 600 600 450 600 five hundred 600 600 600 600
Control fat kg 1530 1530 1690 1530 1565 1770 1540 1540 1565 1485
Axle foundation mm 3571 3571 3571 3571 3571 3571 3571 3571 3571 3571
Automobile Duration mm 4975 4975 4975 4975 4975 4975 4975 4975 4975 4975
Shape Width mm 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690
Measurement top mm 1640 1640 1680 1640 1680 1795 1795 1795 1680 1640
Carriage inner dimension Size mm 1486 1486 1486 1486 1486 1535 1490 1490 1486 1486
Width mm 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 1495 1540 1540 1470 1470
top mm 447 447 447 447 447 1080 1080 1080 447 447
Engine Product 4JB1-TCT 4KH1-TC1 4ZE3-MPI
Emission Euro3
Energy kW/rpm 70/3400 ninety six 89/4600
Torque N.m/rpm 206/1700 280 203/2600
Gasoline Diesel Gasoline
the greatest speed of style km/h one hundred thirty one hundred thirty
travellers 2+three 2+3
Tire specs P215/75R15,LT235/75R15 LT215/75R15,P215/75R15,LT235/75R15

QingLing CZPT (Team) Co., Ltd. is one of the leading car manufacturers in ZheJiang , China(one particular of 4 Municipalities in China, the other 3 are ZheJiang ,ZheJiang , ZheJiang ),  and is also a large scale car team getting QingLing CZPT Co., Ltd. as its spine, and listed in oversea – 14 critical subsidiaries, factories, one R&D centre, in complete create up by sixteen substitutes. The previous firm was QingLing Motor vehicle CZPT Firm. Until 1969 QingLing is engaged in the manufacturing of N and T collection light professional vehicles.
By 1985, QingLing became a Sino-foreign joint undertaking organization with Isuzu Business from Japan. In 1994, approved by the Central Government, QingLing CZPT Co., Ltd issued inventory shares abroad as the first such experimental business of Chinese auto industry, and was restructured as a condition-owned international general public organization and the convertible bonds was also marketed abroad in 1997. Isuzu Firm enhanced funds and shared growth to QingLing CZPT in 2005, agreed by the two get-togethers to function the enterprise and cooperating with every single other, perception on deepening technique, administration, marketing, money manage and approach, developing and improving the core competitiveness of the business.

QingLing CZPT team has remodeled traditional industries by utilizing improvements technologies, completing a producing method with advancement functions, forming a comprehensive manufacturing procedure chain which began from blank,spare component,assembly manufacturing and vehicle assembly. Which includes the three fundamental blanks-casting, forging and aluminum casting as nicely as the 6 main assemblies – motor, cabin and gearbox, and many others and set up technical supports these kinds of as CZPT CZPT Centre, CZPT Centre, forging die centre and physicochemical centre and so forth.

Major products of QingLing CZPT groups are: Isuzu collection of light, medium and large commercial Vehicles, five collection of diesel engines from electrical power 77HP to 380HP and its identical collection gasoline engine. QingLing CZPT product have constantly been the leading stage of the commercial vehicle market in China, often to be recognized by the market and its consumer and become the quality CZPT of the market. The world’s most innovative technologies, quality products are the special competitive positive aspects to QingLing CZPT.

QingLing CZPT has items for domestic and oversea market place. Domestic industry: to start with the principal seam clients of particular key industries. Shown as specialized logistics, oil, publish, telecom, telecommunication, monetary, electric powered, tobacco, and so on Secondly, large additional value for modified car consumer. Such as municipal, environmental sanitation, fireplace, mine, cold storage, airport solutions and so on. For oversea markets: company region extends from Isuzu business from Japan to numerous effectively-identified firms in CZPTe and multinational firms.

In recently a long time, QingLing CZPT Team insists to reduce price and improve product high quality although persisting in the world’s sophisticated engineering and good quality degree, which to conquer the important difficulties with high good quality and substantial price of the international manufacturer professional automobiles. All series are transformed to be the substantial high quality and middle price. QingLing CZPT Team has a elementary change in the buyer market and its customer teams. Industry locations expanded from the japanese coastal created areas to extensive marketplace possible area, the vast locations of the CZPT inland. Buyer groups grow from monopoly industries, such as massive logistic firms and modify car enterprises and other high-end consumers to Mid-market place ordinary consumers scattered forming substantial and midrange blend sample of customer teams. QingLing CZPT has entered to a new stage of entire, leap-forward improvement.

In 20 many years, QingLing CZPT acquired awards in countrywide, provincial and municipal amounts of 281 items. There are sixty five objects at nationwide degree, a hundred seventy five items at ZheJiang metropolis stage, and forty one items at ZheJiang provincial level. In 2571, QingLing has”2571 China top 500 CZPTry and best 10 Truck”, the fifth situation of the Lorry’s best 10 record.

And ZheJiang Asia-China CZPT Revenue Co., Ltd keep friendship with Qingling Motor Firm given that 2014, largely for the oversea advertising.


Isuzu Classic Model 4X4 4j Diesel Pickup