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Solution Description

Item Description

Merchandise Model:QTQX18/twenty five/thirty/38, QTQXD18/twenty five/thirty/38 (1.5~4T) Collection
Ideal for 1.5tons,2tons 2.5tons,3tons,4tons forklift.

Impartial improvement multiple patented design applications all technical specifications attain the domestic superior degree. This sequence has been broadly favored by the end users following launched to the industry. It is the very first-choice transmission assembly device used for 1.5-4t hydraulic diesel forklift vans in China.

Merchandise Parameters


    Transmission Design QTQX18 / QTQXD18 QTQX25 / QTQXD25 QTQX30 / QTQXD30 QTQX38 / QTQXD38
Match Motor Rated Electricity(kw) 25~31 33~forty forty two~forty eight
Match Motor CZPT Velocity(r/min) 2300~2600 2250~2650 2400~2650
Match Motor Max Output Second(N.m) 85~131 140~179 174~206
Transmission Ratio Ahead 19.2065 15.3652 17.4972
Backward 19.2065 15.3652 seventeen.4972
Main Oil Force(Mpa) 1.1-1.four
T/C in Force(Mpa) 0.5-.7
T/C Model YJH265
Powerful Diameter(mm) 265
Zero Speed Torque Coefficient 3.0±0.15
Best Performance >0.seventy nine
Zero Pace Pump Impeller Nominal Minute(N.m) 33.5±
Top Effectiveness Pump Impeller Nominal Moment(N.m) 31±1..6
Direction of Rotation Clockwise( from enter )
The Functioning Oil Transmission No. 6 (Wintertime), No. 8 (Summer season) Hydraulic Transmission Oil
Reducer GL-5  80W-90  Heavy Load Automobile Gear Oil
Working Oil Temperature(ºC) 70~95
Max Doing work Oil Temperature(ºC) 120(no a lot more than 5mins)
Condition the Measurement
Duration x Width x Peak(mm)
760×470×450 851×470×450
Net Bodyweight(kg) 160 a hundred and eighty 185
Match Motor Xinchai 485/490/498 Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kubota, Yammar, Common

Primary attributes:

one.Hydraulic torque converter with exceptional self-adapting bending moment and variable velocity characteristic is adopted to make the merchandise far more ideal for serious street circumstances and mutated on-load driving.
2.The large-power alloy material box solid by using resin sand method is flat in visual appeal, thus properly fixing the inside flaws of castings.
three.Components optimized by using patented patterns which includes clutch, handle valve and gas feed pump make the comprehensive machine very reputable and durable.
4.The product can resist effect, lower vibration and run stably to significantly reduce driving exhaustion.

The business is specialised in the manufacturing of motor gears, gears of transmission, and gears utilized for a variety of building machinery and automobiles. The organization owns different types of high-quality, precision and advanced machining gear (photographs) which can economically and effectively machine and generate transmission areas like spur gear, helical gear, multi-hyperlink gear, inside equipment, little-taper enamel, crowned teeth, sharp and thin enamel, worm gear and chain equipment.
Equipment machining assortment:
one.Optimum modulus: eight
two.Greatest outer diameter: φ500
three.Accuracy grade:4 Grade GB/T 10095-2008

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HangZhou Tsingleader Business Co., Ltd. is positioned in the beautiful HangZhou metropolis. We focus in the production of trailer elements, axle and transmission of engineering machinery and specific engineering and agricultural machinery.
Above the past several years, Tsingleader Sector has invested 4 production plants in China. Subsequent the principle of “good quality assurance, abiding by the contract, reciprocity, mutual reward and very first-course solutions”, we have won the have confidence in from our customers each at residence and abroad.
Our once-a-year income amount reaches USD 5 million and our goods have been exported to North and South The usa, Europe ,Africa,South Asia and the Middle East.
We sincerely hope to turn out to be your earnest business companion and your speak to will be warmly welcomed.

The time period “gearbox” is utilized to refer to any gadget that connects a motor to a machine and is composed of a series of gears, also recognized as a equipment established. It receives the major input pace from the motor and modifications it to a different output speed employing its gears. Distinct types and combinations of gears provide distinct reasons. The types of gears discovered in gearboxes incorporate spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The functionality effectiveness of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the speed of the input resource to the speed of the output source
Gearboxes are mechanical products that assist push methods keep ideal velocity and torque for apps. Also recognized as gearboxes and equipment drives, they decrease the rotational pace of the enter shaft by a certain percentage and improve the electricity delivered to the output shaft by the identical proportion. Ratio multipliers improve the deceleration and torque provided by the reducer by a certain ratio and are appropriate for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are accessories employed with the reducer. They are generally employed in apps in which the reducer is not straight connected to the push mechanism.

China Professional Forklift Parts Hydraulic Transmission Gearbox Diesel Forklift Transmission Internal Combustion Forklift Truck Transmission     near me factory