China Standard Jk28HS 28mm (NAMA11) Planetary Gearbox Stepping Motor with Best Sales

Item Description

JK28HS  28mm(NAMA11)Planetary Gearbox Stepping Motor
GenHangZhou Specification:

Housing Substance Metal
Bearing at Output Ball Bearings
Max.Radial Load(12mm from flange)  ≤35N
Max.Shaft Axial Load ≤25N
Radial Perform of Shaft (close to to Flange) ≤0.07mm
 Axial Perform of Shaft ≤0.3mm
Backlash at No-load        1.5°

28HS  28HS Hybrid Stepping Motor Requirements

Product No. Action Angle Motor Length Existing
Keeping Torque # of Prospects Rotor Inertia Motor
Excess weight
( °) (L)mm A Ω mH No. Kg
JK28HS32-0674PG5.18 1.8 32 .67 five.6 3.four 600 four nine .eleven
JK28HS45-0674PG51 1.8 45 .sixty seven six.eight 4.9 950 4 twelve .fourteen
JK28HS51-0674PG71 1.8 51 .67 nine.2 seven.two 1200 four 18 .2

28HS  28HS Planetary Gearbox Specs

Reduction ratio 3.seventy one five.eighteen 13.seventy six 19.two 26.8 fifty one 71 ninety nine.5
Quantity of gear trains 1 2 3
Duration(L2)   mm 30 37 45
Max.rated torque 5 7 9
Quick time permissible torque 15 21 27
Bodyweight   kg 200 250 300

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China Standard Jk28HS 28mm (NAMA11) Planetary Gearbox Stepping Motor     with Best Sales