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China manufacturer Arrow Series Extrusion Reducer Speed Reduction Gearbox for Extruder Machine with Great quality

Product Description


Product Description 

Wide Selection of Gearbox Products
The gearbox usually adopts a general design scheme, but in special cases, the design scheme of the gearbox can be changed according to the demands of the user, and it can be modified into an industry-specific gearbox. In the design scheme of the gearbox, the parallel shaft, vertical shaft, general box, and various parts can be changed


  • Absorption of very high torques and axial forces
  • No need for separate thrust housing & bearing.
  • Easy alignment (screw directly fits into the vore of gear box)
  • Easy to assemble & dismantle.
  • Very heavy duty spherical roller thrust bearing is provided.
  • Power saving. (you may save up to 20 % power.)
  • Less requirement of space.
  • For bigger sizes water cooling is provided 
  • No maintenance required except periodic oil level checking.
  • Higher productivity 



  • Twin Screw Extruder Gearboxes offer the dual shaft counter rotating. The range is available for various center distances
  • The gearboxes are available with co-rotating and counter rotating variants
  • To work under heavy loading force, the high level dissipation and oil lubrication system are provided. The axial roller type swivel thrust with the thrust bearing coupled in tandem way support the axial thrust
  • High torque and high speed output rate


Processing Characteristics of Screw Shaft:

1.Suitable suggestion on material to ensure components performance and extend lifetime of products.
2.Professional technical team can provide surveying and mapping support.
3.All components are finished by CNC machine.
4.Sophisticated quality management system ensure superior quality.

Basic Info.

Warranty: 1 year Weight (KG):
500 KG
Place of Origin:
HangZhou, China
Gearing Arrangement:
Output Torque:
Heat treatment:
High-frequency Hardening
94%~98%(depends on the transmission stage)
Customized support:OEM ODM Input/output shaft material
Wooden case
Mount position:
Flange, hollow shaft, CHINAMFG shaft
After-sale:Online 24/7 Installation Xihu (West Lake) Dis. advantage:
excellent quality
Reduction radio:
Mount Position:
Horizontal Foot Mounted Vertical
Input Speed:
Output Speed:

Packaging & delivery

Packing: wooden case packing

Port: HangZhou Port  

X helical gear units for double-screw extruders with parallel drive shafts and the same direction of screw rotation are used mainly in the manufacture of granulates and the refining of raw plastics. Other areas of application include:

  • Paint and lacquer industry
  • Washing agent industry
  • Foodstuff industry (e.g. bread, pasta)
  • Animal-feed industry (dog, cat other animal food 

Maintenance of the gearbox of the dual-screw extruder
1. The gear box of the dual-screw extruder should be well-ventilated, and the working environment temperature should be within the range of 5-35 °C.
2. Always check the oil quantity of the gear lubricating oil in the box to ensure that the transmission parts in the box are well lubricated.
3. Pay attention to check the bearing parts of the box frequently. The oil temperature of the oil tank of the transmission box should not exceed 70 ºC during operation.
4. The newly put into use gearbox needs to replace the lubricating oil after 250 hours of operation. The oil change time depends on the state of the oil. It is recommended to replace it after 4000-8000 hours of operation or once a year.
5. The gearbox of the dual-screw extruder needs to be regularly maintained and inspected once a year 

Operating Process
1. The gear on the input shaft is driven by the motor and starts to rotate.
2. The rotating input gear meshes with other gears inside the gearbox, transmitting power.
3. Different-sized gears within the gearbox are combined to form a gear train. Through continuous meshing and rotation, the high-speed, low-torque power from the input shaft gradually converts into low-speed, high-torque output.
4. The output shaft is connected to the last gear and transfers the output torque to the load.
5. Gear reduction gearboxes typically include lubrication and cooling systems to ensure smooth operation and prevent overheating and damage.
6. Our extruder gearbox converts high-speed, low-torque power into low-speed, high-torque output by changing the size ratios and meshing arrangements of different gears, achieving the function of speed reduction.

Types of Gearboxes:
Based on customer requirements, gear reduction gearboxes can be classified according to the size of the output shaft, center distance of the output shaft, output speed, and torque. Alternatively, we can provide several commonly used types of gearboxes for customers to choose from.

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Company profile
ZheJiang Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd.is a company specializing in R&D, production, sales, application promotion of food engineering projects. As 1 of the largest scaled food processing equipment &whole plant engineering problem solvers in China, machines served for more than 970 companies, export to 116 countries, area, more than 20 years engineering team, we recognize that quality equals value, aims to create a great future together with global customers.



1.  Q: How about Arrow Machinery?

     R: ZheJiang Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech company. Our firm is composed of a strong  

        team which has substantial experience in R&D, manufacture, technique and sales service and has

        specialized in extruder industry for 10 years,leading screw barrel manufacturer in China.
2. Q:What’s Arrow machinery’s capacity? 
    R:Company is in strict accordance with CE and ISO9001 quality certification system.There are over 200

       models of extruders and spare parts. 

3. Q:What’s the delivery time? 

    R:For regular size, we have finished stock and semi-finished stock, 2 weeks max enough

        for customized, normally within 20days .

4. Q:How about the gearbox quality and price? 
    R: top quality in China with competitive price and globle after-sale service
5. Q:what’s the life time and guarantee buy from Arrow machinery ?
    R: 3~5years life time for nitriding ones and bimtallic ones will be longer 
        One year min. Guarantee.
6.Q:Where is Arrow Machinery factory and how to reach there? 
   R:NO.47 Chengbohu Road, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District,HangZhou City, China. You can take the train or plane to HangZhou and we can pick        you up.
7.Q:How to contact with you? 
   R:just reply to me if have any question. 

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Application: Motor, Machinery
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Three-Ring
US$ 3600/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

worm gearbox

Common Problems and Troubleshooting for Worm Gearboxes

Worm gearboxes, like any mechanical component, can experience various issues over time. Here are some common problems that may arise and possible troubleshooting steps:

  • Overheating: Overheating can occur due to factors such as inadequate lubrication, excessive loads, or high operating temperatures. Check lubrication levels, ensure proper ventilation, and reduce loads if necessary.
  • Noise and Vibration: Excessive noise and vibration may result from misalignment, worn gears, or improper meshing. Check for misalignment, inspect gear teeth for wear, and ensure proper gear meshing.
  • Leakage: Oil leakage can be caused by damaged seals or gaskets. Inspect seals and gaskets, and replace them if necessary.
  • Reduced Efficiency: Efficiency loss can occur due to friction, wear, or misalignment. Regularly monitor gearbox performance, ensure proper lubrication, and address any wear or misalignment issues.
  • Backlash: Excessive backlash can affect precision and accuracy. Adjust gear meshing and reduce backlash to improve performance.
  • Seizure or Binding: Seizure or binding can result from inadequate lubrication, debris, or misalignment. Clean the gearbox, ensure proper lubrication, and address misalignment issues.
  • Worn Gears: Worn gear teeth can lead to poor performance. Regularly inspect gears for signs of wear, and replace worn gears as needed.
  • Seal Wear: Seals can wear over time, leading to leakage and contamination. Inspect seals regularly and replace them if necessary.

If you encounter any of these problems, it’s important to address them promptly to prevent further damage and maintain the performance of your worm gearbox. Regular maintenance, proper lubrication, and addressing issues early can help extend the lifespan and reliability of the gearbox.

worm gearbox

How to Calculate the Input and Output Speeds of a Worm Gearbox?

Calculating the input and output speeds of a worm gearbox involves understanding the gear ratio and the principles of gear reduction. Here’s how you can calculate these speeds:

  • Input Speed: The input speed (N1) is the speed of the driving gear, which is the worm gear in this case. It is usually provided by the manufacturer or can be measured directly.
  • Output Speed: The output speed (N2) is the speed of the driven gear, which is the worm wheel. To calculate the output speed, use the formula:

    N2 = N1 / (Z1 * i)

N2 = Output speed (rpm)
N1 = Input speed (rpm)
Z1 = Number of teeth on the worm gear
i = Gear ratio (ratio of the number of teeth on the worm gear to the number of threads on the worm)

It’s important to note that worm gearboxes are designed for gear reduction, which means that the output speed is lower than the input speed. Additionally, the efficiency of the gearbox, friction, and other factors can affect the actual output speed. Calculating the input and output speeds is crucial for understanding the performance and capabilities of the worm gearbox in a specific application.

worm gearbox

What is a Worm Gearbox and How Does It Work?

A worm gearbox, also known as a worm gear reducer, is a mechanical device used to transmit rotational motion and torque between non-parallel shafts. It consists of a worm screw and a worm wheel, both of which have helical teeth. The worm screw resembles a threaded cylinder, while the worm wheel is a gear with teeth that mesh with the worm screw.

The working principle of a worm gearbox involves the interaction between the worm screw and the worm wheel. When the worm screw is rotated, its helical teeth engage with the teeth of the worm wheel. As the worm screw rotates, it translates the rotational motion into a perpendicular motion, causing the worm wheel to rotate. This perpendicular motion allows the worm gearbox to achieve a high gear reduction ratio, making it suitable for applications that require significant speed reduction.

One of the key features of a worm gearbox is its ability to provide a high gear reduction ratio in a compact design. However, due to the sliding nature of the meshing teeth, worm gearboxes may exhibit higher friction and lower efficiency compared to other types of gearboxes. Therefore, they are often used in applications where efficiency is not the primary concern but where high torque and speed reduction are essential, such as conveyor systems, elevators, automotive steering systems, and certain industrial machinery.

China manufacturer Arrow Series Extrusion Reducer Speed Reduction Gearbox for Extruder Machine   with Great quality China manufacturer Arrow Series Extrusion Reducer Speed Reduction Gearbox for Extruder Machine   with Great quality
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China Custom Superior Gearbox of Pelleting Twin Screw Extruder Machine sequential gearbox

Product Description

SHTDN High Speed Gearbox for Twin Screw Extruder Machine


SHTDN Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox Introduction


Twin Screw Gearbox adopting latest standard ISO1328,the precision of cylindrical gear of spherical involute, and combining our long term experience and specialty of twin screw extruder, SHTDN gearboxes are meticulously designed with top advanced designing ideas in the world for co-orientated rotating twin screw extruder, with entirely independent Intellectual Property Rights.
The gears are made of carburizing steel of high-strength alloy of good quality by carburizing and quenching for teeth, of which all the gear grinding processes are finished by imported gear grinding machines. Gear parameters are optimized and specially designed for the characteristics of twin screw extruder, reducing stress concentration on root of gear and improving gear surface conditions. We have improved gear intension of flexural fatigue, fatigue strength and ratio of wide diameter. We have also adopted the latest designing idea and technology of heating treatment for the structure of gears, thereby ensured gears from uniformity of precision and strength.




— High Speed

—Triaxiality parallel design improve B axis bearing capacity.
—Simple manufacture and convenient assemply.Lower the cost.
—Modular structure design achieve 2 kinds of gearbox torque grade.


SHTDN Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox Parameters


SHTDN Gearbox Power&Torque Table



Torque Grade(T/A3)

RPM 300r/min

RPM 400r/min

RPM 500r/min

































































Production Process


Packing Details: According to your order quantity packaging,shipping wooden boxes,air carton.

Delivery Details: 5-60days after order.

1.Rust-proof oil processing,

   Prevent rust in transit.

2.Oiled paper packages,

   Prevent oil dry.

3.Bubble wrap package,

   Prevent collosions.

4.Special foam packaging. 5.Packing 6.Sealing

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How long does it take to get my products since I paid for them?

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Can I get the warranty of 1 year for free?

—If you need the warranty,you should pay for it.If not,do not worry ,we have confidence in our products.


How is your after-sale service?

—You will get our help in time as long as you find something wrong about our produces.Believe us,you deserve the best.


What machine does the product apply to?

—Twin Screw Extruder Machine.

Application: Machinery
Function: Speed Reduction
Layout: Double Drive Gearbox
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step


Customized Request

worm gearbox

Calculating Gear Ratio in a Worm Reducer

The gear ratio in a worm reducer is determined by the number of teeth on the worm wheel (also known as the worm gear) and the number of threads on the worm shaft. The gear ratio formula for a worm reducer is:

Gear Ratio = Number of Teeth on Worm Wheel / Number of Threads on Worm Shaft

For example, if the worm wheel has 60 teeth and the worm shaft has a single thread, the gear ratio would be 60:1.

It’s important to note that worm reducers have an inherent self-locking property due to the angle of the worm threads. As a result, the gear ratio also affects the mechanical advantage and the system’s ability to resist backdriving.

When calculating the gear ratio, ensure that the worm reducer is properly designed and that the gear ratio aligns with the desired mechanical characteristics for your application. Additionally, consider factors such as efficiency, load capacity, and speed limitations when selecting a gear ratio for a worm reducer.

worm gearbox

Materials Used for Worm Gears

Worm gears are manufactured using a variety of materials to meet different application requirements. Some commonly used materials for worm gears include:

  • Steel: Steel is a popular choice for worm gears due to its strength, durability, and wear resistance. It can handle heavy loads and is often used in industrial applications.
  • Bronze: Bronze offers good lubricity and is commonly used for the worm gear (worm) component. It provides effective wear resistance and works well in applications where quiet operation is essential.
  • Cast Iron: Cast iron is known for its high strength and durability. It’s often used for worm gears in applications where shock loads or heavy-duty conditions are expected.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum worm gears are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for applications where weight reduction is important.
  • Plastic: Some worm gears are made from plastic materials such as nylon or acetal. These materials are often chosen for their self-lubricating properties and quiet operation.
  • Composite Materials: Composite materials can offer a combination of properties, such as lightweight construction and corrosion resistance. They can be suitable for specific applications.

The choice of material depends on factors such as the application’s load, speed, operating environment, and required performance characteristics. It’s important to consider these factors when selecting the appropriate material for worm gears to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

worm gearbox

How to Select the Right Worm Gearbox for Your Application

Selecting the right worm gearbox for your application involves careful consideration of various factors:

  • Load Requirements: Determine the torque and load requirements of your application to ensure the selected gearbox can handle the load without compromising performance.
  • Speed Reduction: Calculate the required gear reduction ratio to achieve the desired output speed. Worm gearboxes are known for high reduction ratios.
  • Efficiency: Consider the gearbox’s efficiency, as worm gearboxes typically have lower efficiency due to the sliding action. Evaluate whether the efficiency meets your application’s needs.
  • Space Constraints: Assess the available space for the gearbox. Worm gearboxes have a compact design, making them suitable for applications with limited space.
  • Mounting Options: Determine the mounting orientation and configuration that best suits your application.
  • Operating Environment: Consider factors such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to contaminants. Choose a gearbox with appropriate seals and materials to withstand the environment.
  • Backlash: Evaluate the acceptable level of backlash in your application. Worm gearboxes may exhibit more backlash compared to other gear types.
  • Self-Locking: If self-locking capability is required, confirm that the selected gearbox can prevent reverse motion without the need for external braking mechanisms.
  • Maintenance: Consider the maintenance requirements of the gearbox. Some worm gearboxes require periodic lubrication and maintenance to ensure proper functioning.
  • Cost: Balance the features and performance of the gearbox with the overall cost to ensure it aligns with your budget.

Consult with gearbox manufacturers or experts to get recommendations tailored to your specific application. Testing and simulations can also help validate the suitability of a particular gearbox for your needs.

China Custom Superior Gearbox of Pelleting Twin Screw Extruder Machine   sequential gearbox	China Custom Superior Gearbox of Pelleting Twin Screw Extruder Machine   sequential gearbox
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China high quality CE Standard Gearbox for Extruder Machine wholesaler

Solution Description

one) Small volume
2) Huge transmission torque
3) Substantial efficiency
four) Minimal use

Introduce of gearbox :
ZLYJ gearbox series are transmission devices, which are specifically developed for solitary-screw extruder with substantial precision, challenging gear area, accompany with thrust. Adopting the technical specs stipulated in JB/T9050.1-1999, all ZLYJ gearboxes are designed appropriately.
Principal Attributes:
one. The material of equipment is the higher power alloy steel, it is made by carburizing, quenching (and other heat treatment method), gringding process at very last. The gear is in high precison ( 6 grade ) and higher hardness ( reaches HRC54-62). Aside from, it features reduced sounds when operating.
2. It includes substantial bearing capacity thrust, which is done reputable and can withstand greater axial thrust.
3. All the items are handled by pressured lubrication and CZPT method other than very few modest specification products.
four. ZLYJ sequence gearbox is adopted by six-facet processing box. Its regular installation is horizontal, but can also be transformed to vertical installation in accordance to customer’s requirment.
5. Effectiveness transmission, low sound, extended operaton time.

Specifications of gearbox :

Type Spec Input Power(kw) N( enter) N(output) Output Torque Permitted axial thrust of output shaft(KN) Screw Diameter Length-diameter ratio
ZLYJ 112-eight five.five 800 one hundred 525 35 Ø35 twenty five:01:00
133-eight 8 800 100 764 39 Ø50 twenty five:01:00
146-10 11 one thousand one hundred 1050 fifty four Ø55 twenty five:01:00
173-ten 18.5 900 90 1962 one hundred ten Ø65 twenty five:01:00
two hundred-12.five thirty 1000 eighty 3581 one hundred fifty five Ø75 twenty five:01:00
225-twelve.five forty five a thousand eighty 5371 180 Ø90 25:01:00
250-sixteen fifty five 1120 70 7503 192 Ø105 25:01:00
280-sixteen 75 960 sixty 7643 258 Ø110 25:01:00
315-sixteen eighty five 960 60 13528 287 Ø120 twenty five:01:00
330-sixteen a hundred and ten 960 60 17507 360 Ø135 twenty five:01:00
375-sixteen 132 960 sixty 21008 390 Ø150 twenty five:01:00
395-16 185 960 sixty 29442 400 Ø160 25:01:00
420-sixteen 160 960 sixty 31831 430 Ø160 25:01:00
420-16 220 960 sixty 31831 430 Ø170 25:01:00
450-20 213 a thousand 60 40640 five hundred Ø160/Ø170 25:01:00
560-seventeen 540 one thousand 50 84034 seven hundred Ø200 25:01:00
630-ten 540 one thousand 50 15712 770 Ø250 twenty five:01:00

How to Purchase
one. Please validate details of Gearbox
2. Common packing is picket case
three. Supply: By sea, by air or other people, depend on you

Our Superiority
one. Shipping on Time
2. Skilled Provider: Customized is our benefit
three. Very good Quality: CE, SGS, BV, TUV Certificated
4. Fast and Low Expense Provide: Prolonged-time period cooperated delivery forwarders.

About us :
ZHangZhoug pinbo plastic machinery co.,ltd is located in HangZhou HangZhou city with brand of PYM(Former HangZhou yumin machine screw co.ltd since 1988). The company is specialized in making screw barrel, gearbox zlyj series, t die, filter and extruder machine. It has become one of the largest supplier of main parts in HangZhou city which is the basement of plastic machines. 

These compact, lightweight, minimal backlash inline equipment reducers had been originally made for encoder apps. They are also appropriate for many other generate programs. Encoder equipment reducers have a quite minimal second of inertia at the shaft input and are rated for input speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two body measurements are offered with gear ratios from 4.96:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are obtainable from inventory.
Equipment reducers, also referred to as reducers, arrive in many transmission styles and are made to multiply torque and minimize input velocity to a sought after output speed. The principal benefit of inline gearboxes is their potential to sustain control in applications involving high rotational speeds. Their performance and potential to provide large input speeds with small backlash make inline reducer gearboxes perfect for a broad variety of movement management apps

China high quality CE Standard Gearbox for Extruder Machine     wholesaler

Corn Puff Snack Food Extruder Making Machine

Corn Puff Snack Food Extruder Making Machine

1. Description of Puff corn ball snack meals producing equipment: 
Cheese Curls Foodstuff Extruder CZPTry adopt corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley and so on as components to make puffed snack. By way of friction of screw and barrel, the grains are cooked in the extruder. Forming is at the die encounter cutter. The solution form is established by a combination of the die aperture, such as ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower and many others. 

2. Treats Uncooked supplies:   
    Corn, rice, millets, wheat, oat, barley and many others as components. Please be aware that all the materials ought to be in powder(flour) or grits type. 
three. Snacks food CZPT designs:
  Variety designs are obtainable for ball, tube, adhere, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower and coronary heart form by modifying the mould in the extruder

4. Corn snack foods line Potential:
      60-80kg/h, 100-150kg/h,    200-240kg/h,    300-500kg/h
five. Treats meals extruding line Stream chart:
  CZPT grinder—Mixing system—Twin screw Extrusion method—-Drying technique—-Flavoring method–Packing system
6. China CZPT industrial Voltage for the machine:
  Three phases: 380V/50Hz, One phase: 220V/50Hz, We can make it according to customers’ Regional voltage in accordance to distinct countries (400v 415v 480v…). 
7. Sancks meals CZPTs CZPT:
  All the Snacks food devices are manufactured by stainless metal, this total line is with affordable style and with substantial automation the screws are made by alloy metal, with constructing block method framework and self-cleaning operate. 
eight. Details & Features of Cheese Balls Plant: 

one. Alloy (38CrMoAL) screw manufactured by nitriding approach, high strength and put on-resting. Self-cleansing ability, no require to discharge or cleanse the barrel and screw when roasting or changing of resources. 
two. Adopting pace-altered converter on feeding method, extrusion system and chopping program. Food grade stainless metal twin screw feeding equipment, secure resources feeding in the whole food approach. 
3. Gearbox with computerized lubrication function, extending gear life. 
four. Enhanced radiator on driving element for pressured cooling influence, making certain extruder operates safely. 
5. Barrel with water-cooled circulation, raw components not only for corn/rice, also for wheat flour/starch with large viscosity. CZPTent dampness-extrusion temperature ratio, total-expanded and 50 percent expanded as diverse variety of items. 
6. Cutting knife fixed in the die head seat, rotary slicing by V-belt drive. 
nine. Service & Turnkey Solution: 
a. ) Consultation provider just before, throughout, and after sales 
b. ) Project plHangZhou and layout service 
c. ) Debugging of products right up until every little thing is functional 
d. ) Management of equipments’ prolonged length transport from seller’s factory to the named place by buyer 
e. ) Training of gear upkeep and functioning personally 
f. ) New production tactics and formulas 
g. ) Provide 1 year complete warranty and daily life-time upkeep support. 
10.CZPT Parameter:

Model Installed power Genuine energy Output Dimension
SLG65-III 70kw 40kw 100-150kg/h 22000x1200x2200mm
SLG70-III 90kw 50kw 200-240kg/h 25000x1500x2200mm
SLG85-III 120kw 100kw four hundred-500kg/h 30000x3500x4300mm
SLG90-III 135kw 100kw 800-1000kg/h 30000x3500x4300mm
SLG65-I 50kw 30kw 60-80kg/h 15000x1200x2200mm

CZPT Firm Data:

HangZhou CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd is a professional foodstuff machinery producer in HangZhou town ZheJiang province China.Our company congregates an excellent food machine engineering staff, private client support middle and highquality producing abilities have evolved exponentially,We are operating tough on discover continually not only in the research of extrusion technological innovation, but also in food technics to gain our customers making newfangled meals in their markets. It creating us become a single of the preeminent suppliers of reputable extrusion equipment globe-vast.


Corn Puff Snack Food Extruder Making Machine

Puff Snacks Food Machine Extruder

Puff Snacks Food Machine Extruder

one. Description of Puff corn ball snack foods producing device: 
     Cheese Curls Meals Extruder CZPTry adopt corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley and so on as substances to make puffed snack. By means of friction of screw and barrel, the grains are cooked in the extruder. Forming is at the die confront cutter. The merchandise shape is established by a combination of the die aperture, which includes ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower etc. 

two. Treats Uncooked supplies:   
    Corn, rice, millets, wheat, oat, barley and so forth as substances. Make sure you note that all the supplies need to be in powder(flour) or grits sort. 
three. Treats food CZPT styles:
  Variety shapes are offered for ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower and coronary heart shape by altering the mould in the extruder
four. Corn snack foods line Ability:
      60-80kg/h, 100-150kg/h,    200-240kg/h,    300-500kg/h
five. Snacks foodstuff extruding line Circulation chart:
  CZPT grinder—Mixing program—Twin screw Extrusion method—-Drying technique—-Flavoring system–Packing program
6. China CZPT industrial Voltage for the device:
  Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single stage: 220V/50Hz, We can make it in accordance to customers’ Neighborhood voltage in accordance to diverse countries (400v 415v 480v…). 
7. Sancks foodstuff CZPTs CZPT:
  All the Snacks foodstuff machines are produced by stainless metal, this entire line is with realistic layout and with higher automation the screws are made by alloy metal, with building block program framework and self-cleaning perform. 
eight. Details & Features of Cheese Balls Plant: 

1. Alloy (38CrMoAL) screw made by nitriding approach, large energy and dress in-resting. Self-cleansing ability, no need to discharge or cleanse the barrel and screw when roasting or replacing of supplies. 
two. Adopting velocity-adjusted converter on feeding system, extrusion method and chopping method. Food grade stainless metal twin screw feeding machine, stable components feeding in the total food procedure. 
3. Gearbox with automatic lubrication purpose, extending equipment life. 
4. Enhanced radiator on driving portion for forced cooling effect, guaranteeing extruder operates safely. 
five. Barrel with h2o-cooled circulation, uncooked components not only for corn/rice, also for wheat flour/starch with substantial viscosity. CZPTent dampness-extrusion temperature ratio, complete-expanded and 50 % expanded as distinct sort of goods. 
six. Reducing knife set in the die head seat, rotary cutting by V-belt push. 
nine. Support & Turnkey Solution: 
a. ) Consultation support just before, in the course of, and following sales 
b. ) Project plHangZhou and layout service 
c. ) Debugging of tools until finally every thing is functional 
d. ) Management of equipments’ extended distance shipping and delivery from seller’s factory to the named area by buyer 
e. ) Training of tools routine maintenance and functioning personally 
f. ) New manufacturing techniques and formulas 
g. ) Provide 1 year total warranty and existence-time maintenance services. 
ten.CZPT Parameter:

Product Installed power True electrical power Output Dimension
SLG65-III 70kw 40kw a hundred-150kg/h 22000x1200x2200mm
SLG70-III 90kw 50kw two hundred-240kg/h 25000x1500x2200mm
SLG85-III 120kw 100kw 400-500kg/h 30000x3500x4300mm
SLG90-III 135kw 100kw 800-1000kg/h 30000x3500x4300mm
SLG65-I 50kw 30kw 60-80kg/h 15000x1200x2200mm

11.CZPT Organization Info:
HangZhou CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd is a professional meals equipment manufacturer in HangZhou metropolis ZheJiang province China.Our company congregates an excellent food machine engineering team, private client services center and highquality production capabilities have developed exponentially,We are working difficult on discover continuously not only in the research of extrusion technologies, but also in meals technics to benefit our clients making newfangled meals in their markets. It generating us turn into 1 of the preeminent suppliers of reliable extrusion equipment planet-extensive.

 12.Our Most Common Treats Food Production Line :

No. Creation Line
one Extruded Kurkure / Nik Nak Snacks Foods Manufacturing Line
2 Core Filling / Inflating Snacks Manufacturing Line
three Breakfast Cereals / Corn Flakes Creation Line
4 Extruded Doritos / Tortilla Corn Chips Snacks Foods Creation Line
five Crispy Chips / Sala / Bugles Manufacturing Line
six Nourishment Powder / Baby Rice Powder Manufacturing Line
seven Diet Rice / Artificial Rice Manufacturing Line
eight Bread Crumbs Production Line
nine Extruded Soya Meat Meals Creation Line
10 Extruded Pet / Dog / Cat Food Creation Line
eleven Chewing / Jam Center Pet Meals Generation Line
twelve Extruded Snacks Pellet Foodstuff Creation Line
13 Instantaneous Noodles ProductionLine
fourteen Fried Wheat Flour Snacks Production Line

twelve.About us & more information:

MOQ 1 established
CZPT Capacity twenty sets per Month
CZPT port HangZhou port, ZheJiang , China
Packing details Fumigation-totally free wooden scenario exterior, extend movie inner
Pertinent spare elements cost-free, delivery with processing line
Ensure Inside twelve months
Oversea services Provide set up and commissioning soon after machine arrived your manufacturing unit
Payment phrases thirty% is paid by T/T as the down payment, 70% is paid by T/T orL/C prior to shipment.
Shipping time thirty times following receipt the deposit
Pre-shipment When it finished, we will invite you to our organization to examine machines, when no difficulty, we will set up the shipment


Puff Snacks Food Machine Extruder

PC PP ABS Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Machine

PC PP ABS Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Machine


CZPT benefit

 PC PP Ab muscles Co-rotating twin screw extruder CZPT has a lot of advantages, which focus on feeding program, driving elements, transmission areas,screw RPM, screw desigin, barrel composition, electrical handle technique, pelletizing method. This kind of as:

one. Feeding program: We have designed the volumetric feeder and constant gravimetric computerized feeding technique. On volumetric feeder technique, we sue new design sort feeder which steer clear of the powder leakage lack The gravimetric feeder adopts Siemens PLC and CZPT barnd load cells, by means of PROFIBUS to accomplish shut-loop control, so that it increase the precision of feeding, also understood the sector automation.

two. Driving areas: We use best brand motor, AC or DC are each accessible. Also ABB or Siemens motor as optional.

3. Transmission Method: our gearbox is used tri-axis composition, which merge reductina nd torque distribution gotether. All bearing is NSK or SKF. Or you can deside by oneself

4. CZPT rotating speed: present, we have standar twin screw extruder from 400-600RPM, we will suggest client to use suitable RPM extruder according processing materials

5. CZPT combination: All screw areas are all segments components, the L/D can be from 28-60, Customer can simple to adjust to screw style to meet diverse polymer processing, so that we can use 1 machine for various purpose procedure, the screw components are created of high-velocity instrument metal, also wieth so numerous a long time knowledge, we made distinct tyep kneading components, mixing components, gear disk and so on.

Far more advantages of this equipment
one. Highly efficent: the device is automatic and with significantly less electrical power usage.
2. Particular screw design and style: We will design and style the screw up to buyer various substance and the substance of screw and barrel can be 38CrMoAL or bimetallic.
three. High capacity: the capacity of the device is about 80kg/h, we can do the equipment up to 1000kg/h
5. The equipment wih extended lifestyle.

CZPT parameter

one.CZPT diameter:Ф62.44             2.Inner diameter of barrel:Ф63

3.Centre distance:52                4.L/D:forty:1           

five.Motor energy:75kW               6.Rotary pace:500rpm      

seven.Feeding strategy: solitary-screw feeder    

eight.CZPT technique:Force drinking water cooling

9.CZPT way:Oil dipping

ten.Heating technique:cast aluminum and cast copper   

11.Palletizing method: cooling pulls strip granulation   

twelve.Diameter of the pellet:φ2          

thirteen.Speed controller:Britain EURO electronic pace governor

other kind of these varieties of machine









CZPT diameter(mm)





sixty two.four

seventy one.2


Rotary pace(rpm)


four hundred

four hundred/600



four hundred/500


Main motor electricity(kw)






ninety/a hundred and ten




28-forty eight

32-forty eight


32-forty eight







twenty-one hundred fifty

a hundred-three hundred

three hundred-600


More device photoes
Content occur out from the die

CZPT element (different substance the screw struct is distinct, we can design and style the screw component up to the uncooked substance)

Pelletizer and vibration

Raw substance and Final pellets check for the equipment

If you want  more particulars of this sort of machine kindly speak to me, I can send out you much more detail photoes and  vedios.

one. We source beneath needed files with the machine:

  1. CZPT layout
  2. CZPTtricity diagram
  3. CZPT certificate
  4. CZPT guide guide/upkeep ebook

two. We supplies one particular-year high quality ensure. Throughout this interval, if the machine’s malfunction is authorized to be our accountability, we will ship the damaged spare areas to you with DHL courier or other way inside 7 workdays after acquiring the complainant. And ship the professionals to the buyer’s manufacturing facility for preserving. All expenses are in our account.

3. After a single yr guarantee, If you want we can provides payable spare components and technician’s Going to upkeep, and any broken spares we can deliver you soon as feasible.

4. We have confidence in that our quotation satisfies with your needs and we will gladly furnish you with more information.

5. 24Hours support :  Cell-139157 0571 8

PC PP ABS Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Machine

Stainless Steel Corn Puff Snack Food Extruder Machine

Stainless Steel Corn Puff Snack Food Extruder Machine

CZPT Steel Corn Puff Snack Food Extruder CZPT

1.Merchandise Description
HIMAX Snack Puffed leisure Food production line can do the operates of uncooked components planning, extrusion, shaping,cutting,coating and flavoring at a time, which is high automation degree. This generation line has the advantages of much more equipment decision,versatile and assorted configurations,wide range of raw supplies application, several in goods range and straightforward operation.

2.Sample show

CZPT Parameters of HIMAX corn puff snack device

Product Set up Power Usage Electrical power Creation Capability Dimension
HM-65-3 74KW 52KW a hundred-150kg/h 17000-1300-2200mm
HM-70 105KW 75KW two hundred-260kg/h 20000*1500*2200mm
HM-eighty five 205KW 150KW 400-500kg/h 30000*1500*2600mm

four.Detail Dispaly

                        Mixer                                       CZPT Conveyor                         Twin-CZPT Extruder

                      Cutter                                         CZPTtric Dryer                             Roller Flavoring Line

5.Movement Chart

six.Uncooked Material:

7.Primary Functions

     1).Belt transmission between motor and gear box,decreasing vitality usage. 
     2).Feeding,major driving device, and rotary reducing unit adopt inverter to alter the pace with much more potent generate, stable                     running, and low use.Twin CZPT Extruder corn Puff Snack Cheese ball creating device.
     3).CZPT is produced of alloy metal with lengthy lifestyle.Segmental assembled screws are utilized tomore types of components and products
     4).CZPT lubrication system can reduced down electricity consumption and prolong the existence.
     5).Double screws feed equivalent materials forcibly.Corn Puff Snack Processing Line with Low-cost Price tag
     6).Hanging mould and knives seat and bearing knife altering technique can adjust the kniver just and swiftly.

eight.Packing And Shipping and delivery


CZPT Specification Outside the house Pachage:CZPT Packing as Exportand Common.
Shipping time 20-25days soon after gained forty% of the whole payment.
CZPT forwarding We can be resonsible for the shipping and delivery ,of course,we can also accept and cooperate with your agent if you have shipping and delivery forwarder in China.

9.Business Information

HangZhou Himax CZPTry Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of foods processing devices for 12Years. We have many varieties of devices and creation line, this sort of as food extrusion device, soya meat production line, industrial microwave oven, packaging equipment, pet meals production importantly, we also supply formulation, technologies supports, equipment inspection support, and so forth. Cooperating with diverse manufacturers and investigation centers, we supply the meals processing machines with fantastic high quality. We have a team of seasoned experts and exceptional engineers who do give the specialist support ,shipping and delivery and installation. Dependent on the consumers certain need, we also OEM machines for our clients. 


10.Our Srevices

     1). Cost-free session services prior to, in the course of, and after revenue

     2). Cost-free task plHangZhou and style services

     3). Cost-free debugging of equipment until every thing is practical

     4). Totally free administration of equipments’ lengthy length shipping

     5). Free training of equipment maintenance and running individually

     6). Free of charge new generation methods and formulas

     7). Supply 1 yr complete warrantee and life span upkeep services

eleven.Speak to Us


Stainless Steel Corn Puff Snack Food Extruder Machine

Automatic Food Extruder Jam Core Filling Snack Machine Manufacturer

Automatic Food Extruder Jam Core Filling Snack Machine Manufacturer

CZPT Foods Extruder Jam Main Filling Snack CZPT CZPTr (SLG65-III) 

1.Solution Description

1. Description of  Full-auto Core Filling Snack CZPTry Meals CZPT (SLG65-III):

Corn snacks foodstuff equipment is enhanced and designed dependent on advanced engineering by HangZhou Kelid CZPTry Business. This line has functions of flexible collocation, in depth utilized raw components, a variety of snacks and straightforward operation. It is complete computerized from mixing, extruding, shaping,cutting, drying to flavoring in 1-pass operation. By altering the moulds and approach technologies, you can make various shapes of puffing treats this kind of as rings, flowers, balls, strips, moons, stars etc. Also, you can generate core-filling snacks with the identical line. All the puffed food taste crispy, easy to be digested. They meet up with with excellent favor property and abroad.
a. Uncooked CZPT: adopts corn flour, rice powder as raw resources

b. CZPT: distinct styles are manufactured by modifying the dies from extruder

c. Capability: 150kg/h, 250kg/h, 500kg/h

d. Voltage in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, One stage: 220V/50Hz, we can make it in accordance to customers’ Nearby voltage according to various nations around the world

e. CZPTs CZPT: All the Corn treats foodstuff equipment are made by stainless steel, this line is with reasonable design and style and with high automation the screws are produced by alloy steel, with building block method construction and self-cleansing perform
f.CZPT Parameters of Entire-automobile Core Filling Snack CZPTry Foodstuff CZPT (SLG65-III)




RN- 65 
Corn snacks foodstuff device

Corn snacks foods equipment

Corn treats meals machine

Installed capacity









one hundred fifty-160kg/h


five hundred-600kg/h





High CZPT CZPT CZPT Main Filling Snack Making CZPT  from China Manufacturing facility CZPTr  is ideal for creating puff corn snacks in all designs. It is commonly utilized to generate the corn treats rice treats chocos kurkure cheese ball bread pan  etc.

Requirements FOR 200-300KG/H PUFF Treats CZPT LINE


Primary MOTOR KW 37
CUTTER MOTOR KW .seventy five


Principal MOTOR KW .seventy five
Journey pace (max. & min.) M <=55
Max OUTPUT KGS three hundred


Primary MOTOR KW one.1
Charge movement KN 125

two.Functions of Manufacturing unit Cheap Snack Food Extruder Corn Puff Producing CZPTs:

one) Straightforward construction in linear variety ,effortless in installation and maintation. 

two) Adopting innovative globe CZPT brand name elements in pneumatic elements ,electric powered components and operation parts. 

three) Mixer-extruder-dryer-flavor-packer. 

4) Working in a high automatization and intellectualization,no air pollution .

5) No pullution ,reduced strength ,effortless functioning . 
3.Samples created by our  Full-vehicle Main Filling Snack CZPTry Food CZPT (SLG65-III)


5.Our Certification

6.Contact US


Automatic Food Extruder Jam Core Filling Snack Machine Manufacturer