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China OEM R F K S Series Parallel Shaft Inline Gear Box Speed Reducer Reducer Worm Bevel Helical Geared Motor Gearbox comer gearbox

Product Description

HUAKE Hot Selling KA series gear box reducer geared motor reductor made in china



K series product performance

High transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance. High rigidity cast iron box with ribs; hard-toothed gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, the surface is carburized and quenched and hardened, and the teeth are finely machined, with stable transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise and long service life.

Product Parameters

Brand Name


Product Name

K Helical-bevel gear units


Steel or cast iron





Heat treatment

Carburising,Quenching,Gear Grinding


1.K series spiral bevel gear reducer with small vibration, low noise, energy saving.

2.Selection of high quality steel material, steel cast iron box, gear surface after high frequency heat treatment.

Product Description



Our process of production

Our product line


Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: 90 Degree
Layout: Expansion
Gear Shape: Bevel Gear
Step: Single-Step
Type: Gear Reducer
US$ 1000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Lubrication Requirements for a Worm Gearbox

Lubrication is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of a worm gearbox. Here are the key considerations for lubricating a worm gearbox:

  • Type of Lubricant: Use a high-quality, high-viscosity lubricant specifically designed for worm gearboxes. Worm gearboxes require lubricants with additives that provide proper lubrication and prevent wear.
  • Lubrication Interval: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication intervals. Regularly check the gearbox’s temperature and oil condition to determine the optimal frequency of lubrication.
  • Oil Level: Maintain the proper oil level to ensure effective lubrication. Too little oil can lead to insufficient lubrication, while too much oil can cause overheating and foaming.
  • Lubrication Points: Identify all the lubrication points on

    Maintenance Tips for Prolonging the Life of a Worm Gearbox

    Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and reliable performance of a worm gearbox. Here are some maintenance tips to consider:

    • Lubrication: Regularly check and replenish the lubricant in the gearbox. Use the recommended lubricant type and quantity specified by the manufacturer.
    • Lubrication Schedule: Follow a lubrication schedule based on the operating conditions and manufacturer recommendations. Regular lubrication prevents friction, reduces wear, and dissipates heat.
    • Temperature Monitoring: Keep an eye on the operating temperature

      How to Calculate the Efficiency of a Worm Gearbox

      Calculating the efficiency of a worm gearbox involves determining the ratio of output power to input power. Efficiency is a measure of how well the gearbox converts input power into useful output power without losses. Here’s how to calculate it:

      • Step 1: Measure Input Power: Measure the input power (Pin) using a power meter or other suitable measuring equipment.
      • Step 2: Measure Output Power: Measure the output power (Pout) that the gearbox is delivering to the load.
      • Step 3: Calculate Efficiency: Calculate the efficiency (η) using the formula: Efficiency (η) = (Output Power / Input Power) * 100%

      For example, if the input power is 1000 watts and the output power is 850 watts, the efficiency would be (850 / 1000) * 100% = 85%.

      It’s important to note that efficiencies can vary based on factors such as gear design, lubrication, wear, and load conditions. The calculated efficiency provides insight into how effectively the gearbox is converting power, but it’s always a good practice to refer to manufacturer specifications for gearbox efficiency ratings.

      of the gearbox. Excessive heat can degrade the lubricant and damage components.

    • Cleanliness: Keep the gearbox and surrounding area clean from debris and contaminants. Regularly inspect and clean the gearbox exterior.
    • Seal Inspection: Check for any leaks or damage to seals and gaskets. Replace them promptly to prevent lubricant leaks and contamination.
    • Alignment: Ensure proper alignment between the worm and worm wheel. Misalignment can lead to increased wear and reduced efficiency.
    • Torque Monitoring: Monitor the torque levels during operation. Excessive torque can cause overloading and premature wear.
    • Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect all components for signs of wear, damage, or unusual noise. Replace worn or damaged parts promptly.
    • Proper Usage: Operate the gearbox within its specified limits, including load, speed, and temperature. Avoid overloading or sudden changes in operating conditions.
    • Expert Maintenance: If major maintenance or repairs are needed, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek the assistance of qualified technicians.

    By following these maintenance tips and adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can extend the lifespan of your worm gearbox and ensure its optimal performance over time.

    the gearbox, including the worm and wheel gear surfaces. Apply the lubricant evenly to ensure complete coverage.

  • Temperature: Consider the operating temperature of the gearbox. Some lubricants have temperature limits, and extreme temperatures can affect lubricant viscosity and performance.
  • Cleanliness: Keep the gearbox and the surrounding area clean to prevent contaminants from entering the lubricant. Use proper filtration and seals to maintain a clean environment.
  • Monitoring: Regularly monitor the gearbox’s temperature, noise level, and vibration to detect any signs of inadequate lubrication or other issues.

Proper lubrication will reduce friction, wear, and heat generation, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the worm gearbox. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication specifications and intervals.

China OEM R F K S Series Parallel Shaft Inline Gear Box Speed Reducer Reducer Worm Bevel Helical Geared Motor Gearbox   comer gearbox	China OEM R F K S Series Parallel Shaft Inline Gear Box Speed Reducer Reducer Worm Bevel Helical Geared Motor Gearbox   comer gearbox
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China DC 3V-6V Gear Motor 1:48 Dual/Single Shaft DC Motor TT Motor With XH2.54 Connection Cable for Car Vehicle Electronics Toy Robot planetary gearbox

Applicable Industries: For Smart Robotic Car
Bodyweight (KG): .03
Gearing Arrangement: Gearbox
Output Torque: N.m
Output Pace: 200rpm
Equipment Substance: Plastic
Bodyweight: 30g
Packaging Information: common bundle
Port: Shen Zhen

DC 3V-6V Gear Motor 1:forty eight Dual-Shaft DC Motor TT Motor With XH2.54 Relationship Cable for Auto Vehicle Electronics Toy Robot


  1. Operating Voltage : DC3-6V
  2. Velocity : 200RPM
  3. Ratio : 1:forty eight
  4. Equipment Content :Plastic
  5. Axis Amount : One/Double Axis
  6. XH2.54 Connector Cable:
  7. Path of rotation: Bi-direction
  8. Utilization: TOY ,Task ,Do-it-yourself, Robots

This gearbox motor are an easy, lower-expense way to get your assignments shifting.We can give custom-made support, so we are CZPT to make various gearbox motors.
ImageColourFunctioning VoltageReduction RatioVelocityEquipment ContentAxis QuantityCableHyperlink
Yellow3-6v1:forty eight200RPMPlasticDouble AxisXHyperlink
Solitary AxisXUrl
Blue3-6v1:forty eight200RPMPlasticDouble AxisXWebsite link
One AxisXWebsite link
Black3-6v1:forty eight200RPMPlasticDouble AxisXUrl
Single AxisXWebsite link
Blue3-6v1:ninety110RPMMetalDouble AxisXWebsite link
Single AxisXUrl
Yellow3-6v1:48200RPMPlasticDouble AxisXLink
Single AxisXHyperlink
Yellow3-6v1:4860RPM PlasticOne AxisXHyperlink
Double AxisXHyperlink
Yellow3-6vone:forty eight200RPMPlasticDouble Axis20cm CableWebsite link
Bluethree-6vone:forty eight200RPMPlasticOne Axis20cm XH2.54 CableWebsite link
Bluethree-6vone:48200RPMPlasticSolitary AxisMale Dupont CableHyperlink
Blue3-6vone:forty eight200RPMPlasticSolitary AxisFeminine Dupont CableUrl
Blue3-6vone:forty eight200RPMPlasticSolitary Axis2P KF2510 CableHyperlink
Bluethree-6vone:forty five150RPMPlasticSingle AxisEncoder Cable Link
Blue3-6vone:90110RPMMetalDouble AxisEncoder Cable Link
Blue3-6vone:48280RPMPlasticSolitary Axis2P KF2510 CableWebsite link


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  • Track down in HangZhou China.
  • nine many years electronics sale encounter.
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  • How to Select a Gearbox

    When you drive your vehicle, the gearbox provides you with traction and speed. The lower gear provides the most traction, while the higher gear has the most speed. Selecting the right gear for your driving conditions will help you maximize both. The right gearing will vary based on road conditions, load, and speed. Short gearing will accelerate you more quickly, while tall gearing will increase top speed. However, you should understand how to use the gearbox before driving.


    The function of the gearbox is to transmit rotational energy to the machine’s drive train. The ratio between input and output torque is the ratio of the torque to the speed of rotation. Gearboxes have many different functions. A gearbox may have multiple functions or one function that is used to drive several other machines. If one gear is not turning, the other will be able to turn the gearbox. This is where the gearbox gets its name.
    The pitch-controlled system has an equal number of failure modes as the electrical system, accounting for a large proportion of the longest machine downtime and halt time. The relationship between mechanisms and faults is not easily modeled mathematically. Failure modes of gearboxes are shown in Fig. 3. A gearbox’s true service life is six to eight years. However, a gearbox’s fault detection process must be developed as mature technology is required to reduce the downtime and avoid catastrophic incidents.
    A gearbox is a vital piece of machinery. It processes energy produced by an engine to move the machine’s parts. A gearbox’s efficiency depends on how efficiently it transfers energy. The higher the ratio, the more torque is transferred to the wheels. It is a common component of bicycles, cars, and a variety of other devices. Its four major functions include:
    In addition to ensuring gearbox reliability, a gearbox’s maintainability should be evaluated in the design phase. Maintainability considerations should be integrated into the gearbox design, such as the type of spare parts available. An appropriate maintenance regime will also determine how often to replace or repair specific parts. A proper maintenance procedure will also ensure that the gearbox is accessible. Whether it is easy to access or difficult to reach, accessibility is essential.


    A car’s transmission connects the engine to the wheels, allowing a higher-speed crankshaft to provide leverage. High-torque engines are necessary for the vehicle’s starting, acceleration, and meeting road resistance. The gearbox reduces the engine’s speed and provides torque variations at the wheels. The transmission also provides reversing power, making it possible to move the vehicle backwards and forwards.
    Gears transmit power from one shaft to another. The size of the gears and number of teeth determine the amount of torque the unit can transmit. A higher gear ratio means more torque, but slower speed. The gearbox’s lever moves the engaging part on the shaft. The lever also slides the gears and synchronizers into place. If the lever slips to the left or right, the engine operates in second gear.
    Gearboxes need to be closely monitored to reduce the likelihood of premature failure. Various tests are available to detect defective gear teeth and increase machine reliability. Figure 1.11(a) and (b) show a gearbox with 18 teeth and a 1.5:1 transmission ratio. The input shaft is connected to a sheave and drives a “V” belt. This transmission ratio allows the gearbox to reduce the speed of the motor, while increasing torque and reducing output speed.
    When it comes to speed reduction, gear box is the most common method for reducing motor torque. The torque output is directly proportional to the volume of the motor. A small gearbox, for example, can produce as much torque as a large motor with the same output speed. The same holds true for the reverse. There are hybrid drives and in-line gearboxes. Regardless of the type, knowing about the functions of a gearbox will make it easier to choose the right one for your specific application.


    When selecting a gearbox, the service factor must be considered. Service factor is the difference between the actual capacity of the gearbox and the value required by the application. Additional requirements for the gearbox may result in premature seal wear or overheating. The service factor should be as low as possible, as it could be the difference between the lifetime of the gearbox and its failure. In some cases, a gearbox’s service factor can be as high as 1.4, which is sufficient for most industrial applications.
    China dominates the renewable energy industry, with the largest installed capacity of 1000 gigawatts and more than 2000 terawatt hours of electricity generated each year. The growth in these sectors is expected to increase the demand for gearboxes. For example, in China, wind and hydropower energy production are the major components of wind and solar power plants. The increased installation capacity indicates increased use of gearboxes for these industries. A gearbox that is not suitable for its application will not be functional, which may be detrimental to the production of products in the country.
    A gearbox can be mounted in one of four different positions. The first three positions are concentric, parallel, or right angle, and the fourth position is shaft mount. A shaft mount gearbox is typically used in applications where the motor can’t be mounted via a foot. These positions are discussed in more detail below. Choosing the correct gearbox is essential in your business, but remember that a well-designed gearbox will help your bottom line.
    The service factor of a gearbox is dependent on the type of load. A high shock load, for example, can cause premature failure of the gear teeth or shaft bearings. In such cases, a higher service factor is required. In other cases, a gearbox that is designed for high shock loads can withstand such loads without deteriorating its performance. Moreover, it will also reduce the cost of maintaining the gearbox over time.


    When choosing the material for your gearbox, you must balance the strength, durability, and cost of the design. This article will discuss the different types of materials and their respective applications and power transmission calculations. A variety of alloys are available, each of which offers its own advantages, including improved hardness and wear resistance. The following are some of the common alloys used in gears. The advantage of alloys is their competitive pricing. A gear made from one of these materials is usually stronger than its counterparts.
    The carbon content of SPCC prevents the material from hardening like SS. However, thin sheets made from SPCC are often used for gears with lower strength. Because of the low carbon content, SPCC’s surface doesn’t harden as quickly as SS gears do, so soft nitriding is needed to provide hardness. However, if you want a gear that won’t rust, then you should consider SS or FCD.
    In addition to cars, gearboxes are also used in the aerospace industry. They are used in space travel and are used in airplane engines. In agriculture, they are used in irrigation, pest and insect control machinery, and plowing machines. They are also used in construction equipment like cranes, bulldozers, and tractors. Gearboxes are also used in the food processing industry, including conveyor systems, kilns, and packaging machinery.
    The teeth of the gears in your gearbox are important when it comes to performance. A properly meshing gear will allow the gears to achieve peak performance and withstand torque. Gear teeth are like tiny levers, and effective meshing reduces stress and slippage. A stationary parametric analysis will help you determine the quality of meshing throughout the gearing cycle. This method is often the most accurate way to determine whether your gears are meshing well.


    The global gear market is divided into five key regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Among these regions, Asia Pacific is expected to generate the largest GDP, owing to rapidly growing energy demand and investments in industrial infrastructure. This region is also home to some of the largest manufacturing bases, and its continuous building of new buildings and homes will support the industry’s growth. In terms of application, gearboxes are used in construction, agricultural machinery, and transportation.
    The Industrial Gearbox market is anticipated to expand during the next several years, driven by the rapid growth of the construction industry and business advancements. However, there are several challenges that hamper the growth of the industry. These include the high cost of operations and maintenance of gear units. This report covers the market size of industrial gearboxes globally, as well as their manufacturing technologies. It also includes manufacturer data for the period of 2020-2024. The report also features a discussion of market drivers and restraints.
    Global health crisis and decreasing seaborne commerce have moderately adverse effects on the industry. Falling seaborne commerce has created a barrier to investment. The value of international crude oil is expected to cross USD 0 by April 2020, putting an end to new assets development and exploitation. In such a scenario, the global gearbox market will face many challenges. However, the opportunities are huge. So, the market for industrial gearboxes is expected to grow by more than 6% by 2020, thanks to the increasing number of light vehicles sold in the country.
    The main shaft of a gearbox, also known as the output shaft, spins at different speeds and transfers torque to an automobile. The output shaft is splined so that a coupler and gear can be connected to it. The counter shaft and primary shaft are supported by bearings, which reduce friction in the spinning element. Another important part of a gearbox is the gears, which vary in tooth count. The number of teeth determines how much torque a gear can transfer. In addition, the gears can glide in any position.

    China DC 3V-6V Gear Motor 1:48 Dual/Single Shaft DC Motor TT Motor With XH2.54 Connection Cable for Car Vehicle Electronics Toy Robot     planetary gearbox	China DC 3V-6V Gear Motor 1:48 Dual/Single Shaft DC Motor TT Motor With XH2.54 Connection Cable for Car Vehicle Electronics Toy Robot     planetary gearbox
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    China Good quality Gearbox Hollow Shaft Speed Reducer Bevel Motor with Good quality

    Item Description

    > Product Introduction

    Gearbox Hollow Shaft Speed Reducer Bevel Motor

    K helical velocity gearbox  motor is created primarily based on modularization, which provide several big difference varieties of mixtures, mounting types, and composition designs. The element classification of ratio can meet numerous of working condition. Higher Transmission performance, reduced strength consumption, excellent functionality. The tough tooth surface gear use the substantial top quality alloy metal, the process of carburizing and quenching, grinding ,which give it adhering to people: Secure transmission, reduced sounds and temperature, substantial loading, lengthy working existence


    > Motor Supplies

    housing materials: HT2OO high-strength solid iron   or HT250 Substantial energy cast iron 
    Gear materials: 20CrMnTi
    Housing hardness HBS90-240
    Floor hardness of gear HRC58°-62°
    Gear core hardness HRC33°-40°
    Enter/Output shaft material 40Cr
    Enter/Output shaft hardness HBS241°-286°
    Shaft at oil seal placement hardness HRC48 ° -55 °
    Machining precision of gears substance Correct grinding 6-5 quality
    Effectiveness up to 98%
    Noise(Max) 60-68dB
    Temp.increase: 40°C
    Vibration ≤20um
    Motor IP54, F course ,B5 FLANGE 
    coloration : blue  (if you need to have large quantity ,we can completed as your desired coloration )


    >  Partial Solution Information


    > Our Electrical Motor Advantages

    1. Reasonable price tag with superb good quality
    2.Every single 1 checks carefully
    3.Obvious nameplate
    four.Reputable package deal
    5.High performance, clean runingand lower sounds
    six.Very best materials make best functionality

    > Generating Approach


    > About Us

    HangZhou EXTENSION Pace Electrical energy CO.,LTD (HangZhou Good COMMERCE & TRADE CO.LTD) specializes in the sales of all types of gearbox , electric motors. On the revenue service and management has amassed wealthy encounter, has a number of very certified specialized staff, administration norms, good quality isstable. Products by the China national required item certification, quality is reputable, realistic construction,and make “environmental security” and “strength saving” synchronization.

    HangZhou Very good COMMERCE & TRADE CO.,LTD(GPHQ ) has constantly been in line with: “based on sincerity, excellent good quality for initial, the pursuit of excellence, revolutionary and enterprising team, efficient, innovation” . perfect aftersales provider We will set up  a organization underneath the bridge of friendship, hand in hand Create excellent!


    1, Q:what’s your MOQ for ac gearbox motor  ?
    A: 1pc is okay for every type electric powered gear box  motor 

    two, Q: What about your warranty for your induction pace reducer motor ?
    A: 1 yr ,but except gentleman-created destroyed

    three, Q: which payment way you can accept ?
    A: TT, western union .

    four, Q: how about your payment way ?
    A: a hundred%payment in superior less $5000 ,30% payment in superior payment , 70% payment prior to sending in excess of $5000.

    five, Q: how about your packing of pace reduction motor  ?
    A: plywood scenario ,if measurement is tiny  ,we will pack with pallet for considerably less 1 container 

    six, Q: What data should be provided, if I acquire electrical helical geared motor  from you ?
    A: rated electricity,  ratio or output velocity,kind ,voltage , mounting way , quantity , if more is greater.

    The expression “gearbox” is employed to refer to any device that connects a motor to a machine and is composed of a collection of gears, also recognized as a gear established. It receives the main input pace from the motor and modifications it to a distinct output velocity utilizing its gears. Diverse types and mixtures of gears serve specific functions. The varieties of gears identified in gearboxes include spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The overall performance effectiveness of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the speed of the enter source to the pace of the output resource
    Gearboxes go by a lot of diverse names, which includes equipment drives, pace reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, and gear motors. All conditions are utilized interchangeably when referring to inline equipment reducers. Our inventory involves a broad selection of equipment reducers for substantial velocity, large precision apps with input speeds up to 4000 RPM.

    China Good quality Gearbox Hollow Shaft Speed Reducer Bevel Motor     with Good quality

    China Best Sales 22mm Inline Parallel Shaft Gearbox for 12V 24V DC Motor wholesaler

    Solution Description

    22mm DC Planetary Equipment Motor


    one, Lower Backlash(<2.5°), Low Noise
    2, High Effectiveness.

    Mechanical Dimension:


    Gearbox Description
    Bearing at 
    Radial load 
    (10mm from the flange)
     axial load
    Shaft press-fit 
    pressure, max.
    Radial play 
    of shaft
    Thrust play
     of shaft
    Backlash at 
    Metal Sleeve bearings ≤0.8Kgf ≤0.6Kgf ≤5Kgf ≤0.08mm ≤0.2mm ≤3°
    Steel Ball bearings ≤1Kgf ≤0.6Kgf ≤5Kgf ≤0.05mm ≤0.2mm ≤3°


    Motor Shaft Pinion Specification
    Module No. of teeth Pressure angle Hole diameter Reduction ratio.
    0.3 13 20° 1.ninety eight 1/4,1/16,1/19,1/seventy two,1/84,1/104,1/231,1/270,1/316,1/370,
    .3 16 20° one.98 1/fourteen,1/53,1/198,1/742


    Gearbox Specification
    one/4 one/14 1/sixteen 1/19 one/fifty three 1/sixty two one/72 1/84 1/104 one/198 one/231 1/270 one/316 one/370 one/455 one/742 1/1014
    Rated tolerance 
    torque (Kg.cm Max.)
    .eight one.3 1.3 one.3 1.seven one.seven one.7 1.7 one.seven two 2 two two 2 2 2.five 2.5
    Max momentary 
    tolerance torque (Kg.cm )
    2.4 three.nine three.nine three.9 five.1 five.one five.1 5.1 5.1 6 six six 6 six 6 7.five 7.5
    Effectiveness eighty% 70% 70% 70% 60% sixty% sixty% sixty% 60% 50% fifty% 50% 50% fifty% fifty% forty% forty%
    Length(L) fourteen.4 18.05 21.seven 25.35 29
    Weight(g) 27 31 35 60 65

    About Us:

    We specialized in studying, developing and servicing electric powered motors, gearbox and large precision gears with the modest modules.

    Right after several years of growth, we have an impartial product design and the R&D group, service staff, and expert high quality handle team.

    What’s much more, we have 2 joint ventures. One is situated in HangZhou, which produces hybrid stepper motor, cherished linear stepper motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor driver, brushless motor driver, encoder and brake.

    Another 1 is situated in HangZhou, which generates DC gear motor. The factory has dozens of CNC devices and high precision take a look at products, implements the procedure administration and automatic procedure in most creating process.

    We also have 2 cooperation factories. A single is producing AC reversible synchronous motor and AC servo motor, the other 1 is creating linear long term stepper motor, everlasting stepper motors.

    Associated Goods:


    Beneath is a record of our at the moment available industrial gearboxes. If you can’t find what you are searching for, remember to contact the manufacturing facility for more choices. At EP, we are constantly creating new merchandise and retrofitting old types to meet up with buyer demands.
    Gearboxes and reducers are enclosed mechanical reduction devices generally utilised in today’s automatic manage systems to command torque from your motors and complete other motion-associated tasks. A gearbox allows you to enhance torque although decreasing the pace of your prime mover output shaft. The output shaft of the gearbox rotates at a slower pace than the enter shaft. This produces a mechanical gain, growing torque. Conversely, your gearbox can be established in reverse, offering increased shaft velocity and lowered torque. Two frequent transmission configurations are straight and right angle. On the internet versions usually consist of helical or spur gears, planetary gears, cycloidal mechanisms, or harmonic turbines. Appropriate-angle types generally use worm or helical equipment drives, nonetheless, hybrid drives are also available. Gearmotors blend an enclosed equipment set with an electric powered motor to boost torque and overall performance whilst lowering velocity. Although further friction, inertia, or sharp load modifications for short-expression operation of the actuator can result in issues, they provide a extended running existence by preventing overloading. Numerous equipment ratios, speeds and torques are obtainable to help enhance overall performance and lessen likely issues. Search to locate the appropriate gearbox and reducer for your automation undertaking.

    China Best Sales 22mm Inline Parallel Shaft Gearbox for 12V 24V DC Motor     wholesaler

    China high quality Gearbox Planetary Gearbox 1: 5 Suitable for 750W Motor (80 frame) 19 Shaft Dia with Free Design Custom

    Solution Description

    Use for robots stepper motor, digital automated equipment stepping motor , medical instrument stepping motor,

    advertisementing instrument stepper motor, lights& audio equipment stepper motor ,printer stepper motor, textile machinery stepper motor.

    Cnc router stepper motor.


    if you want far more information . please speak to with us  , our get in touch with data:

    HangZhou CZPT Motor Co.,Ltd

    Speak to Man or woman : Ms Amy  (Income) 

    More Quantity . more discount !!!


    Beneath is a record of our currently obtainable industrial gearboxes. If you can not locate what you are looking for, please contact the factory for a lot more choices. At EP, we are constantly building new items and retrofitting old kinds to satisfy customer requirements.
    These compact, lightweight, reduced backlash inline equipment reducers have been originally developed for encoder apps. They are also appropriate for a lot of other travel methods. Encoder equipment reducers have a really low moment of inertia at the shaft input and are rated for enter speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two body measurements are accessible with gear ratios from 4.ninety six:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are available from inventory.

    China high quality Gearbox Planetary Gearbox 1: 5 Suited for 750W Motor (80 frame) 19 Shaft Dia     with Cost-free Style Personalized

    in Nairobi Kenya sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier F Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Boxes with 0.75kw Motor for Conveyor manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

      in Nairobi Kenya  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier F Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Boxes with 0.75kw Motor for Conveyor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

    There is a technical center of province amount, EPG academician functioning station, experiment station for EPG post medical professionals, and countrywide 863 system set up in EPG group. With these platforms and sturdy specialized capability, the far more than four hundred experts have developed all variety of particular higher exact and higher strength merchandise, conducted mould plans for key parts in the vehicle and countrywide sector revitalizing system, ensuing a lot more than 5000 produced above, among which 33 things are autonomous patent technology with 4 patent accepted . Furthermore, WE CAN Make Custom-made VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electrical MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Goods According TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. Our specialists and engineers have 23 several years of Encounter in the Bearing Business.

    EPT F helical PXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel EPEPT

    EPT F helical pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel speed reduction EPT box are based on the building block design and style,so it’s handy for them to in shape all types of motors or join with other EPTT input.The exact same variety of merge can in shape motors with different EPTT,so that it’s feasible for diverse varieties of EPTTs to mix or hook up.

    EPT F series speed EPT EPTT is a single kind of pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel shaft helical EPT EPTT , which consist of two or 3 phases helical
    EPTs (relate to EPT ratio) in the very same situation . The hard tooth area EPT use the high quality alloy steel ,the
    process of carburizing and quenching, grinding one,Output torque:200-18000(N.m)
    one,Rated EPTT:.twelve-two hundred(kw)
    2,Input pace: le3000 (rpm)
    3,Output speed: le393(rpm)
    four,EPTT ratio: ge3.77
    6,Mounting way:M1-M6

    EPT F helical EPEPT components :

    housing content: EPTT2OO higher-power forged iron for F37,47,fifty seven,sixty seven,77,87
    EPTT250 EPT strength cast iron for F97,107,127,157
    EPT material: 20CrMnTi
    EPT hardness HBS90-240
    Surface area hardnesss of EPT EPTC58 deg-62 deg
    EPT core hardness EPTC33 deg-forty deg
    Input/Output shaft material 40Cr
    Input/Output shaft hardness HBS241 deg-286 deg
    Shaft at oil seal postion hardness EPTC48 deg -55 deg
    Machining precision of EPTs material Precise grinding six-five grade
    Efficiency up to 98%
    Noise(Max) 60-68dB
    Tem.rise: forty degC
    Vibration le20um
    EPT IP54, F course ,B5 FLANGE
    colour : blue (if you want massive amount ,we can accomplished as your desired color )

    Our reduction EPTed motor Advantage

    one,reasonable price tag with exceptional good quality
    two,supply in time
    three,secure ,reputable ,economical and durable
    4,steady EPTT ,quiet procedure
    5,sleek running and minimal sounds
    6,nice visual appeal ,sturdy services lifestyle
    seven,substantial heat-radiating efficiency ,high carrying potential
    eight,each and every EPTT have to be analyzed prior to EPTT
    nine.reply in substantial efficiency for the duration of 1 working day
    ten. skilled to produce EPTT and electrical motor .

    If there is any issue, you should do not hesitate to make contact with with me (EVA), U can send out us your inquiry. And you will get reaction in one functioning day.


    Creating Procedure:



    EPTAGE :
    for one particular container, straight loading ,for less, all items with pallet,

    one, Q:what is your MOQ for ac EPEPT ?
    A: 1pc is ok for every kind electrical EPT box motor

    2, Q: What about your guarantee for your induction pace EPEPT ?
    A: one year ,but other than gentleman-created ruined

    3, Q: which payment way you can accept ?
    A: TT, western union .

    four, Q: how about your payment way ?
    A: 100%payment in EPTd less $5000 ,30% payment in EPTd payment , 70% payment prior to sending over $5000.

    five, Q: how about your EPTT of speed reduction motor ?
    A: plywood circumstance ,if dimensions is tiny ,we will pack with pallet for considerably less one container

    6, Q: What details must be presented, if I buy electrical helical EPTed motor from you ?
    A: rated EPTT, ratio or output velocity,type ,voltage , mounting way , quantity , if much more is EPT ,

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    EPG is a skilled producer and exporter that is worried with the design and style, advancement and creation. Meanwhile, our merchandise are made according to high high quality requirements, and complying with the worldwide superior regular standards. EPG was awarded with “well-known item of Zhejiang Province” and “famous brand of Zhejiang Province”. Relate suggest ?
    Planetary EPTT : size forty two sixty 80 90 one hundred twenty one hundred sixty 142 a hundred ninety 242 and personalized dimension inside one particular stage, two stage, three stage.
    Ac servo motor :Delta, Yasakawa,Panasonic, Mistubishi and financial type
    PLC: Delta semensis Mistubishi and and so on
    EPTT Parts: EPTT, TBI, PMI, ABBA, THK, CPC , and economic sort.

    AH064 NEMA23 Stepper EPTT No Shaft Output Planetary EPTT

    -Planetary EPTT is a extensively utilized EPTT product, which can lessen the speed of motor and increase the output torque. Planetary EPTT can be used as supporting areas in lifting, excavation, transportation, development and other EPTT.

    Stage: 1 phase : 4 ,5,six,7,eight,nine,10
    Two phase :sixteen,20,25,28,35,40,forty five,fifty,60,70,80,90,100
    Size: 064 090 one hundred ten

    -Item picture

    -Title Rule


    -Firm introduction
    EPTT is an EPTT amp EPTT focused EPTT organization, offering EPTT buyers with handle, screen, EPTT and technique remedies amp other relevant goods and companies, unEPTTthe help of its excellent EPTT and electronic EPTT as well as powerful manage complex pressure.

    We offer and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. ideal items and remedies according to distinct necessity of the business. Our goods have been employed and utilized successfully in EPTT, printing, textiles, plastic EPTT, elevator, EPTT instrument, robot,wood cutting, stone carving, ceramic, EPTT, paper producing business, crane, fan amp pump, new power sources and so forth.

    EPTT, your professional EPTT spouse !

    -Payment amp Bundle amp Delivery
    ( T/T , Western union, Paypal , L/C and so on )
    ( Little EPTT use carton package, Big EPTT use picket box package deal )
    3,Shipping and delivery
    ( By Worldwide Specific, By Air , By Sea )

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      in Solapur India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Ah064 NEMA23 Stepper Motor No Shaft Output Planetary Gearbox manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler